Coaching Programme

Week 1 - Introduction to coaching concepts

The "Introduction to coaching concepts" lesson provides a foundational overview of the principles and practices of coaching, including goal-setting, active listening, and feedback techniques

Week 2 - Communication and Team Dynamics

The "Communication and Team Dynamics" lesson explores the importance of effective communication and its impact on building and maintaining cohesive teams, including strategies for addressing conflicts and promoting collaboration

Week 3 - Game analysis and strategy

The "Game analysis and strategy" lesson delves into the process of analyzing and breaking down a game, including identifying key elements and developing strategies for success.

Week 4 - mental and physical wellness

The "Mental and Physical Wellness" lesson explores the need for players to be protected from burnout and ill health

Week 5 - ethics of esports coaching

The "Ethics of Esports Coaching" lesson addresses the moral and professional responsibilities of coaches in the competitive gaming industry.

Week 6 - Player Development and Evaluation

The "Player Development and Evaluation" lesson focuses on how we get the best from our players and evaluate their performance

Week 7 - Scouting and recruitment

The "Scouting and Recruitment" lesson deals with the process of identifying, evaluating, and recruiting players for a competitive esports team.

Week 8 - Team building and dynamics

The "Team Building and Dynamics" lesson covers the strategies and practices used to create and maintain a cohesive, successful team in the esports industry.

Week 9 - In Game Coaching & performance psychology

The "In Game Coaching & Performance" lesson focuses on mental training and performance psychology, teaching coaches how to help players improve focus, motivation and confidence

Week 10 - Review, reflection & Live Game

The "Review, Reflection & Live Game" lesson teaches the importance of analyzing, reviewing, and reflecting on past performances, in order to identify areas for improvement in real-time during a live game.