Social Media Team

Keiron Bingham

Meet Keiron Bingham, our Content Manager extraordinaire! With a razor-sharp social media perspective and a knack for humor, Keiron brings a fresh, engaging vibe to our team. Get ready for content that's informative and irresistibly fun under his watch!

Billy Clapham

Introducing Billy Clapham, our Graphics Manager! As an Overwatch 2 semi-finalist, he's got a winning spirit and a design flair that'll elevate our visuals to the next level. Get ready for stunning graphics that take our brand to new heights! 

Luke Sharples

Meet Luke Sharples, our Video Content Manager! With a track record as a successful Formula One YouTuber and rap battler, Luke knows how to bring the excitement to every frame. Get ready for video content that's a high-speed thrill ride!