Meet The Team

Industry leading teaching

The teaching staff at Burnley College Esports department are industry leaders in their field. With a combination of extensive experience and expertise, these instructors are well-equipped to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the competitive world of esports.

From former professional gamers to experts in marketing and business, the faculty at Burnley College represent a diverse range of backgrounds and specialties. Their passion for esports is evident in their dynamic teaching styles and dedication to helping students reach their full potential.

Andrew Chapman

Andrew Chapman is an esports lecturer with a diverse background in business, traditional sports, and professional Counter Strike: Source.

His extensive experience in the higher levels of sports such as rugby and golf, combined with his work with marketing clients around the world, make him a well-rounded and knowledgeable instructor.

Students can benefit from Andrew's wealth of experience and expertise as they learn about the competitive world of esports. His passion for the industry is contagious, making him a dynamic and engaging instructor who is sure to inspire and guide students towards success.

Favourite Valorant Agent: Raze

Favourite Esports Player: Doublelift

Rob Leighton

Rob Leighton is an esports lecturer with a background in traditional media and film. In addition to his expertise in these fields, Rob is also a huge advocate for vintage gaming and a loot box-free world.

His passion for gaming and its history makes him a dynamic and engaging instructor, and his knowledge of traditional media and film brings a unique perspective to the world of esports.

Students can benefit from Rob's diverse background as they learn about the intersection of gaming and traditional media. His commitment to creating a fair and transparent gaming industry makes him a valuable resource for those looking to make a positive impact in the world of esports.

Favourite Game: Gran Turismo Sport

Favourite Final Fantasy Character: Cloud

Rezwan Ali

Rezwan Ali is an esports lecturer with a impressive background as a former FIFA professional and top 100 Destiny 2 player. In addition to his expertise in competitive gaming, Rezwan also brings a wealth of knowledge in visual effects and design to the table.

His unique combination of skills makes him a valuable resource for students looking to succeed in the esports industry. Rezwan's passion for gaming and visual design is evident in his dynamic teaching style, making him an exciting and engaging instructor.

His wealth of experience as a professional gamer also gives him valuable insight into the competitive world of esports, making him an excellent mentor for aspiring players.

Favourite FIFA team: PSG (2022)

Favourite Skill Move: Scoop Turn

Luke Rhodes

Luke Rhodes is an esports lecturer with a wealth of experience in events planning, professional coaching, and customer immersion. His diverse background allows him to bring a unique perspective to his lectures, making him a valuable resource for students looking to break into the esports industry.

With his expertise in coaching and customer immersion, Luke is able to help students not only hone their skills, but also understand the importance of building strong relationships within the esports community.

Favourite League Of Legends Champion: Xerath

Favourite CS:S Map: de_nuke